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Extreme Engineering Solutions

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) is an industry-leading provider of rugged, embedded computing solutions, including Single Board Computers (SBCs), Processor Mezzanines, FPGAs, Rugged and Development Systems, Power Supplies, Routers, Storage, Ethernet Switches, and I/O Modules.

The X-ES coreboot firmware with the IntelĀ® FSP is available as either a standard or optional feature on many of our IntelĀ® processor-based SBCs. Our standard coreboot firmware releases are configured for a balance between boot time and feature support.

X-ES coreboot is a supported, verified, customized, standard x86 BIOS compatible distribution of the Open Source coreboot firmware. This is a corporate-and-community-developed alternative to UEFI and legacy BIOS boot firmware for Intel processors.

Along with the firmware image itself, the X-ES coreboot distribution comes with a development package which includes the source code for all open source components, documentation, and the necessary tools to build the final binary free of license fees and royalties. Visit the X-ES website at xes-inc.com or call our embedded computing experts today at +1 (608) 833-1155 to learn more about our embedded boards featuring the open source coreboot bootloader.


Purism manufactures security focused laptops designed chip by chip to work with free/libre and open source software.

Purism laptops are the only independently-made, brand new, high-performance laptops on the market specifically meant to pair recent technologies with our coreboot port and the potential to have a neutralized Intel Management Engine. This can be applied as a software update for the original Librem 13 (porting to the original Librem 15 is ongoing), and is now also available factory-installed starting for all new Librem laptop models since summer 2017 (you can also customize and re-flash it yourself).

FSF certified


Minifree provides products and services that respect the users' freedom and privacy. Our systems are built specifically to run with 100% free and open source software, with zero binary blobs of any kind. This includes the BIOS, operating system, drivers and applications. Our laptops come with Trisquel GNU/Linux and GNU Libreboot (based on coreboot) preinstalled. Shipping worldwide! (Europe, USA, Canada and Asia included). Minifree also directly funds the libreboot project, since the founder is libreboot's lead developer.

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